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The ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Program is a 3-month civic leadership and development training program that was set up to engage young people in social action to ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone.

The ACV Program’s rigorous modules hold the potential to inspire and equip youth to make a significant impact in their local communities.

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Volunteer With ATLAS Initiative

Do you have the tenacity and grit to lead a virtual team of volunteers on rigorous development and enterprise projects? Applications are open for the ATLAS Citizen Volunteer Team…

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“I want to see a crime free society. I believe that can be achieved when we ensure all children have access to education”
"Learning is essential for our personal development and I am very passionate about personal development"
Adesewa Hassan
"Climate action is very important to me, I would like to impart the young ones with positive attitudes for a sustainable planet"

About us

Access to Learning and School (ATLAS) initiative is a social enterprise that seeks to address issues of inequalities in access to education and learning particularly in marginalized communities.


Our mission

Our mission is to promote accessible lifelong learning opportunities through Global Active Citizenship, Volunteering, knowledge sharing and innovative use of Information communication technology (ICT).